Friday, 30 September 2011

Popcorn Party!!!!!!!!!!!!

This afternoon FS2 enjoyed our first popcorn party!!! We have worked towards this with our super behaviour and fantastic attitude in class!! Here are the pictures, we enjoyed popping our own popcorn!!

Ready to watch the popcorn machine work its magic!!
Off it goes!!!!!

Yummy yummy!!!! What a great treat!!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Maths games!!

Here are a few maths games to help with counting and number recognition....they will also help with this weeks learning log! Have fun!!
(If you are confident with numbers to 10 you can try working out 1 more/less and 2 more/less when playing the games)

Click here----> Fish Tank Game

Click here----> Counting With Lecky

Click here----> Gingerbread Man Counting Games

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Look at all the fun we've been having!!

 Playing a game on the IWB
 Super counting into the hoops
 'Let me add these two together...'
 Team work to build our railway track
 'It's sliiiiiiimy!!'
 'Fantastic 2 wheel bike skills!'
 Which team will win at table football? What's the score?
 Practising our motor control painting the fence.
 'ooooo what sound have I found here?'
 FS2 are explorers hunting for the magnifying glasses!
 'Let me write this one down'
 Mark making on our big roll of paper
 Proud of their super work!
 Deep in concentration
'Look, we've found a worm!!'
 Holding our snails is fun!

More phonics games!!!

This website is fab to help the children develop their phonic skills and they really love playing all the games in class....unfortunately some are subscription only but you can still have fun on the free ones at home!! Enjoy!! (We are currently focusing on 'phase 2').

Click here----->Phonics Play

Golden Children 22nd Sep 2011

Each week 2 children are nominated to be in the schools 'Gold book' for outstanding behaviuor and attitudes all of the time. Here are this weeks golden children...

Dylan: Such a super attitude towards his learning and his new class friends. He is so grown up to say its only the start of the year! A credit to FS2.

Ellen: Ellen is a star and has really shone with her phonics in the first weeks in FS2, Keep it up Ellen!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Phonics games to help blending!

We use these games in class to help the children begin to use their phonics to blend sounds to read.

Have a go at home!!

Blending here----> Blending Machine (We only use the first 3 boxes at the moment to put the sounds into).

Froggy here----> Froggy Phonemes

Ourselves game

Here is the ourselves labelling game we were playing in class today...
Click here---> Labelling Game and go down to 'Body Parts'

Monday, 12 September 2011

What have we been doing today?!

Ben: "I played outside, I used the music"

Liam: "I played with the instruments with Ben."

Tiegan: "I played with Rose in the construction, we built a slide!"

Jake: "I played in the playdough and made some buns."

Jacob H: "I've been playing i the dough with Dylan we made some buns."

Rose B: "I played in the party area with /maddison and Karis we played party games"

Mia: "I've been playing with the cake, I was pretending to eat it."

Rose D: "I played with my doggy outside with Mrs Coomber."

Ellen: "I played on the bike with Tarja."

Sunday, 11 September 2011