Monday, 9 July 2012

Purple Mash Launch Day!!

What great fun we all had today enjoying the launch of the new 'Purple Mash' games and learning resources!!
Here is the direct link for you to login to all the fun

Here we are enjoying ourselves in class!!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Using Pastels to Draw our Giant African Land Snail

This week we are drawing observational pictures of our Giant South African Land Snails Fizz and Whirly! We are using pastels to blend the colours on the shell and the body....can you remember how many feet does a snail have?

Super snail!

Super blending!

Hard at observing and drawing.....

Blending the pastels....


More blending!

A playdough snail!!

and another!

and another!!!!

In action!

What shape is his shell?

Super blending!

And here too!!

Close up!

A snail house made out of polydron!

'The snail goes down the tube'!

The finished piece!

A snail house and snail bed!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Minibeast symmetry

This week we are using our minibeast topic to practise our symmetry knowledge and observing which minibeasts are symmetrical and why. We are also making some of our own symmetrical minibeasts in the areas when getting busy. Here we are at work today....

A symmetrical butterfly in the model making!

Thinking hard...

Carefully placing things in the correct place....

Symmetrical playdough ladybirds!

Proud of their super ideas!

Making a symmetrical spider!

Using 'Purple Mash' to make symmetrical pictures on the IWB...


That's got lots of legs!!

More enjoying the IWB game...

And on the computer too!!

Super placing of the resources here!!

Hard at work....

hmmmm what else do I need?

Lots of super ideas!

How many spots?

That's an interesting ladybird!!!!

And another!!!

That's a big smile to show off your super work!!

Great teamwork!!

Here is the game we were playing on the IWB and computer on 'Purple Mash' to make the butterfly---> Symmetrical Butterfly

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Pass the Jam Jim!!

This week in literacy we are going to be practising our alliteration and our rhyming using the story 'Pass the Jam Jim' by Kayne Umansky & Margaret Chamberlain. Here you can watch listen to an e-book version of the story!

You can play a game here to practise your alliteration and need to move the wizard by clicking your mouse on the arrows on screen to move him in the different directions. Decide if the goblins are using rhyme, aliteration or rhythm and then click on the correct one with your mouse ---> Wizards-And-Pigs

Number bonds to 10 Learning Logs!

We've been practising our number bonds to 10 for the past fornight and we even managed to start going to 20 last week which I'm really proud of you all for!! Mrs Longhorn will be amazed when you get into year 1!! Here are some of your super learning logs showing me your skills....