Thursday, 21 February 2013

Chinese New Year!

Last week in FS2 we celebrated Chinese New Year.

This involved lots of different Chinese themed activities for us to try across all areas of provision in the classroom. We learnt a lot about Chinese New Year celebrations and Chinese culture. Each new year is named after an animal. There are 12 animals and we found out the story behind why each new year changes to a new animal.

We made; Chinese New Year cards, lucky red packets and Chinese lanterns. We used chopsticks to pick up noodles, wrote Chinese numbers and words in Chinese. 

We wrote wishes for the new year. Chinese people do this each year and attach their wishes to a 'Wishing Tree'. We attached ours to a Wishing Tree on our Chinese New Year Display.

We also made our own dragons. This involved us practising our fine motor skills. We carefully cut out the dragon's head and tail. We then folded two strips of paper very carefully to make a springy body. Finally we attached two straws so we could move the dragon and make it dance.

Have a look at our photo's 

Chinese New Year 1 on PhotoPeach

Chinese New Year 2 on PhotoPeach

During the week we all helped to make a large Chinese dragon head. We then watched videos of Chinese New Year lion and dragon dances and listened to music that they dance to. On Friday during our PE lesson we created our own Chinese New Year dragon dance. We took it in turns to make our own music to accompany the dance, make a dance using our mini dragons and to create a group dragon dance using the large dragon head. 

Here are the photo's

Chinese New Year Dragon Dance on PhotoPeach

To finish off our Chinese New Year themed week we tasted some Chinese food and drink. We had  cold green tea with noodles, prawn crackers and fortune cookies.

Chinese Food Tasting on PhotoPeach

Monday, 11 February 2013

Our visit from a Nurse Practitioner

During our People who Help Us topic we had a visit from a Nurse Practitioner.
She works in Minor Injuries in the Accident and Emergency department at a hospital in Leeds.

This means she helps people who come in with injuries such as; broken bones, sprained ankles and wounds.

We got to try out lots of different things a nurse might do for you if you went to hospital and had injured yourself. Have a look at our photo slideshow.

Our visit from a nurse. on PhotoPeach

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Our Visit from an Optician

One of our fantastic visits during this term has been a visit from an Optician. She visited us to explain to us how an optician helps people and tell us about the different parts of her job.

The Optician showed us how she tests children's eyes in different ways. She has to ask them if they can see things at a distance. She looks into the back of their eye with a special torch. To decide which lenses someone will need, she puts very bulky plastic glasses on them and puts in different glass lenses to see how well they can see through them.

Have a look at our photo's from the visit.

Our Optician visit on PhotoPeach

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Our Fire Engine!

To finish off our superb 'People Who Help Us' topic the whole of FS2 have worked together to create our own fire engine, with a little help from Mrs Frisby.

We are very proud of it and hope you like it too.

Friday, 8 February 2013

E-Safety Week

This week in school has been E-Safety week. There has been lots going on throughout the school to help us stay safe online.

In FS2 we thought about the different ICT equipment we use such as; our Nintendo DS's, Laptops computers and Ipads. We then thought about how we use them and decided it was mainly to play games.

We then read a story online about 'Smartie the Penguin.' Smartie had a little trouble when he was playing his game on the internet when he went off the website, got a an email and a pop-up appeared on his screen. It was our job to help Smartie decide what to do when this happens. We decided the best decision was to tell an adult, in our family, for help.

You can read the story of Smartie the Penguin again HERE

We then looked at the CEOP button. It is on our blog just on the right of the screen. We know we must tell an adult we trust if we see something online that makes us feel funny or upset. But if an adult is not there, we can click the CEOP button to take us to a safe place online, straight away. Give it a click now to remind yourself what it looks like on the CEOP webpage.

E-Safety Week on PhotoPeach

Monday, 4 February 2013

Our Library Visit

Last week we had a visit to the Library as part of our people who help us topic. 

We met the librarians and they explained how they can help us, if we visit the library. 

They told us about the different books we can borrow in the library;
Board Books - for toddlers
Picture Story Books - Ideal for our age
Story Books for Readers - Books with a lot more words to a page and a few illustrations
Comic Books
Non-Fiction Books - Information books about lots of things such as animals, football & ballet

The librarians then told us how we can look after the books we borrow from the library.
Can you remember how the librarians told us to look after books?

We then had a story and we all chose a book ourselves. We will keep these books safe at school so we can read them whenever we want to.

Have a look at the photographs of our visit.
Our Library Visit on PhotoPeach

Saturday, 2 February 2013

A very special music lesson

This week in FS2 we were very lucky to have a musician visit us. Mrs Rogers (Elizabeth's mum) came in to teach us about instruments and the sounds they make. We learnt the names of some instruments, what type of instruments they were and how to play them. 

Have a look at our slideshow to see our interesting lesson. 

A very special Music Lesson on PhotoPeach

We had a fantastic music lesson thanks to Mrs Rogers!