Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What have we been doing today? Wednesday 25th May

Layton: I played 'milkas' in the water outside with Finley.

Emily: I played outside with the babies with Kiera.

Grace: I played i the garden centre with Kimi, Poppy and Tilly. We pretended it was Tillys' birthday.

Nathan: In the model making I made a blower and I counted the things on model and there were 8 things.

Ben: I played in the construction and built a house.

Zofia: I played with the bubbles outside.

Tayjus: I made a pooh bear land outside with Jack L and Olivia using the lego.

Kiera: I played on the tyres with Kimi.

Harrison: I played in the sand with Teegan and Tayjus I made a sandcastle.

Leah: I played in the painting printing and model making, I painted a flower!

Connor: I played with Ben outside, we went on the hoppers.

Jodie: I did some take aways in my purple book.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Learning intentions: Week beginning 23rd May 2011

Literacy: Be reading the 'Enormous Turnip' story, linking to our topic on growing. We will be thinking about the moral of the story and how team work is important in our everyday life. They will be sequencing the story and describing different vegetables using adjectives and phonics to spell.

Maths: Be practising taking away again by exploring a range of practical situations. Using our 'magic box' again with x number of objects in and taking some away. I will be increasing the difficulty from last week and encouraging the ch to write take away sums as well.

Topic: Be thinking about how we grow as humans and our lifecycle. We will be ordering a lifecycle and thinking about what stage we are at now and what will happen as we grow. Also thinking about what humans need too grow and comparing to our sunflower seeds and tadpoles.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Subtraction games!

Here is the apple subtraction game....don't forget you can change it to sweets or fish by clicking on the icons!
Click here----> Apple Subraction Game

Soccer subtraction, I know this is one of your favourites!!!
Click here----> Soccer Subtraction

This is Target Takeaway, knock the targets down to see how many is left.
Click here ----> Target Takeaway

Monday, 16 May 2011

Blending practise: T-Rex game!

Read the question and decide if the answer is yes or no!
We use level 1 in class....but if you're wanting a challenge there's no harm in having a go at level 2 or higher!!

Learning intentions: Week beginning 16th May 2011

Literacy: Be looking at a non-fiction text called 'My bean diary'. They will be looking at the features of the text such as contents page and index and using it to find information. This will include looking at how a bean plant grows. They will compare it to last weeks fiction' Jack and the Beanstalk'.

Maths: Be practising taking away by exploring a range of practical situations. Will will have a 'bus' and be talking about x number of people getting off so how many left and our 'magic box' with x number of objects in and taking some away.

Topic: Be recording the life cycle of a sunflower, drawing each stage and writing a caption for them. They will be thinking about what flowers require to grow and what we need to do to look after them. We will also be planting and observing cress growing in different conditions to see the effects.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Learning intentions: Week beginning 9th May

Literacy: Be retelling the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. They will be acting out the story and sequencing it in the correct order. They will also be pretending they have some 'magic beans' and imagining what they will grow into, writing their ideas using their phonics to help.

Maths: Be revisiting the properties of basic shapes and then exploring the concept of symmetry. They will be completing half done symmetrical pictures to practise their skills and then having a go at making their own.

Topic: Be planting our beans to grow our bean plants. We will be planting them in glass jars so we can watch the roots and the shoots as they start to grow. We will be looking at the lifecycle of the bean plant and linking into our literacy 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

What have we been up to today? Thurs 6th May 2011

Leah: I have made a bath for Callum in the model making with Rhianna!

Tilly: I made a house with Jacey and Teegan in the construction.

Tayjus: I made a bats cave in the construction with Layton!

Poppy: I made a flower with the dough.

Tia: I have been learning how to skip with Miss Duplex.

Danny: I played in the garden centre with Jack, Olivia, Connor and Daniella.

Nathan: I made a walkie talkie and an Easter flag in the model making.

Zofia: I learnt how to skip with Jodie.

Grace: I went in the garden centre and made some food for Kimi in the cafe.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Our topic for this half term is growing...Here are some games you can play that link to our topic!

Can you label the different parts of a plant here?----> Label Plant

Here is a similar game------> Label Plant 2

We are planting sunflower seeds this week, here is a game you can build a 'Sunflower Park!-------> Sunflower Park

Monday, 2 May 2011

Learning objectives: Week beginning 3rd May

Literacy: Be retelling the story 'The big hungry bear' using pictures and captions. I hope the children will be able to draw on language pattern in the story. They will then be looking at the strawberry in the story and thinking of as many ways to describe it, before tasting.

Maths: Going on a shape hunt around the outdoor area for various shapes which they will then describe and compare. They will be chalking them onto the playground and developing their vocabulary to identify their properties.

Topic: Be planting sunflower seeds and observing over the next few weeks what will happen. They will think about what a plant needs to grow and be healthy and once they have planted their seed we will be looking at the lifecycle of a sunflower, how it grows and changes and putting each stage in order.