Sunday, 22 May 2011

Learning intentions: Week beginning 23rd May 2011

Literacy: Be reading the 'Enormous Turnip' story, linking to our topic on growing. We will be thinking about the moral of the story and how team work is important in our everyday life. They will be sequencing the story and describing different vegetables using adjectives and phonics to spell.

Maths: Be practising taking away again by exploring a range of practical situations. Using our 'magic box' again with x number of objects in and taking some away. I will be increasing the difficulty from last week and encouraging the ch to write take away sums as well.

Topic: Be thinking about how we grow as humans and our lifecycle. We will be ordering a lifecycle and thinking about what stage we are at now and what will happen as we grow. Also thinking about what humans need too grow and comparing to our sunflower seeds and tadpoles.

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