Thursday, 29 March 2012

Easter activities!

We have been learning about the Easter story this week and have been joining in with lots of fun Easter activities!

You can read a version of the easter story here---> Easter Story

There are some Easter activities here you can have a go at---> Easter Eggtivities

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Phonics games!!!

Here are the phonic games we have been playing in class recently!

This is the parachute game where you put the sentence in order!! ---> Chute Shuffle

Phonics play that you all love!
(You need a password for some of it but some of it is free)---> Phonics Play

Rhyming rockets where you have to shoot the words that rhyme---> Rhyming Rocket

Tell a T-Rex where you answer the question to feed the dinosaur---> Tell A T-Rex

Monday, 19 March 2012

Subraction games!

In maths this week we are doing the inverse of addition, we are learning about subtraction!! Can you remember what inverse means?

Here a some games you can use to practise your taking away, or subtraction skills!!

Take the apples off the tree and into the basket to see how many you have left!---> Apple Picking

Make your own subtraction story on this game (Click the animate button in the top right hand corner to take away the objects ands ee how many are left) ---> Subtraction Stories

Cut down the bottles to take away a certain number and see how many are left!---> Bottle Subtraction

Getting busy outside!

We've been enjoying our outdoor classroom again last week while the rain has stayed away! Have a look into the life of our outdoor classroom...

Big mark making on our big roll of paper.

Enjoying lots of mark making!

4 Arms a popular Ben10 character...

More writing!!!

Harry the dog and Toffee the horse!!

Enjoying the easel from Miss Duplex!

An audience on the tyres for the puppert show!

The actors behind the puppets!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

What have we been doing today? Wednesday 14th March

Tamara: "I played in the maths area making a house with the polydron for the little pigs!"

Edward: "I've been playing with Kayden we made a ramp in the construction If you fall in the water the crocodiles will eat you. I had a remote to turn them into goodies or badies."

Ellen: "I've been playing in the maths area trying to make a football with the polydron. I played classopoly with Rose D with the dice."

Kayden: "Ive been playing with Alex and Thomas we were reading the Charlie and Lola book and I said the word and they filled in the paper (book reviews)."

Jacob G: " I've bene playing with Thomas and Edward making a house with the polydron for the three little pigs."

Kacey: " I've been playing in the model making and I have made a hello kitty watch."

Ben: "I was playing in the water with Liam and Jake, we were making a lemonade stand."

Freddie: "I've bene playing in the sand with Dylan with Jacob, we needed to knock the volcano down'"

Issy: "I've been playing in the sand with Ellen, we built a castle."

Ashaz: "I played with the dinosaurs!"

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


This week we have been turning our hand to understanding how money is used and having a go at paying for different items in our mini shop.

Can you recognise these coins?

What coins could I use to pay for a bottle of pop that costs 8p?

What about if it cost 15p?

Here are some photos of us thinking about money in the classroom....
Pretending to do some shopping....

5 pence piece...

Hmmm how do I make 6p?

Counting out the coins needed.

Making coins out of the dough!

50 pence for these choccies!

I need 10p for this!

More playdough coins....

Thinking about which coins are needed! 

Hmmmm how much is this?


Thinking hard!!

Monday, 12 March 2012

3 Little Pigs!!

In literacy this week we will be sharing the story of the 3 little pigs. We will also be doing lots of different activities around the story!

Can you think which of these houses is the best? Why?

You can listen to the story here---> 3 Little Pigs Story

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Outdoor learning this week!!

Here's an insight into our outdoor classroom this week and what we have been learning....

Numbers to 20 hopskotch....

What number have you scootered to here?

Coin number 12!

Lets see what number I've dug up here....

One more than 12 is......

Hunting for pirate words!

These are the words I've found!

Lots of words here!!

The first clue from the pirate treasure hunt!

Hmmm what does this clue mean?

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


In FS2 we are looking after some small creatures and observing their lifecycle...can you remember what they are?

What are they going to grow into?

Can you remember what this is called?

You can play a game here to test your knowledge of the lifecycle of the frog ---> Ordering Lifecycle


This week we are practising our addition skills in maths and we are using the numicon as a tool to help us understand what we need to do!

Here is a simple addition game you can play to practise ---> Apple Addition

3 parrots + 6 many altogether?

Sunday, 4 March 2012


As part of our materials topic we have been looking at whether a range of objects are magnetic or non-magnetic. The children really enjoyed experimenting with the magnets and exploring the classroom to find objects that were magnetic!!

You can play a game to practise what you have learnt here---> Magnazone

We found the metal bin out of the pirate area!

This chair leg is magnetic!

And this metal pillar!

hmmmmmm lets try this.....

ooooooo is this object  magnetic?


Lots of interest!!

This coffee tub is magnetic!!

So is this spring!!

Our magnets attract each other!!!

Look at all these magnetic objects!!

Lots of conversation and learning!