Saturday, 26 November 2011

FS2 Addition and subtraction games!

Play a bee swarm addition game here....add the number of bees on each flower (You can change the total from 5 to 10 using the top right hand corner of the screen if you want it trickier).
Click here---> Bee Swarm

This is a flower jar addition game...put 2 or more flowers into the vase and then choose the total number of petals from the drop down list.
Click here---> Flower Jar

This is a subtraction story game...take out the number of apples and choose the total for how many you have left from the drop down menu.
Click here---> Subtraction Story

This is a bottle smashing subtraction game....Start off by setting up how many bottles you want, then cut the rope to smash some and take them away, see how many you have left!
Click here---> Bottle subtraction

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  1. We liked subtraction story the best. Ben