Friday, 17 May 2013


This week every member of FS2 has come to school everyday! 

We have had 100% attendance this week! 

Miss Kitchen and Mrs Cameron are so pleased with us, for trying hard to come to school everyday. In Classopoly assembly this week Mrs Warner even gave us a special mention. It means next week we will get a role of the dice during Classopoly assembly. 

We are on track for our 'Beat for a Treat' reward. So please try hard next week to come to school everyday to make sure we get it. We need to ask Mrs Warner or Miss Stevens when the treats will be happening.


  1. I am particularly proud of everyone in FS2. You will definitely be rolling the dice next time. I wonder what it will land on. If you could chose a treat from the Classopoly board what would it be?

    Mrs Warner

  2. Thank you for your comment Mrs Warner.

    We have decided we would like our classopoly treat to be either; rugby with Mr Riley, milkshake and biscuits with Mrs Winstanley, juice and biscuits with Miss Morris or an extra playtime with Mrs Quinn or Mrs Critchley.


  3. I am really looking forward to our treat, love Zoe xx

  4. And we get an extra treat for 100% last week Zoe, we should be going with Miss Morris to have some 'garden time' very soon :-)