Thursday, 9 May 2013

We love a challenge!

In FS2 we have several challenge tables. The children enjoy using these when they have completed their learning target in the area's of provision. The challenge tables change regularly to keep the children enthused and extend their learning. They can be literacy, Maths, phonic or science based or might be focused on  helping them practice their fine motor skills.

Here Harry is writing a sentence about what he has done in the areas of the classroom, this morning. He is using our new chalkboard table!

On the Maths challenge table the children can make their own subtraction number sentences using some people and a bus. They put some people on the bus, count them, take some away and count how many they have left. They then record their number sentence on either a whiteboard or a post-it note. They enjoyed using this activity last week with an adult, so this week they are challenged to use it independently. 

Here the challenge is to write a label for our garden centre objects.

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