Saturday, 26 November 2011

FS2 Addition and subtraction games!

Play a bee swarm addition game here....add the number of bees on each flower (You can change the total from 5 to 10 using the top right hand corner of the screen if you want it trickier).
Click here---> Bee Swarm

This is a flower jar addition game...put 2 or more flowers into the vase and then choose the total number of petals from the drop down list.
Click here---> Flower Jar

This is a subtraction story game...take out the number of apples and choose the total for how many you have left from the drop down menu.
Click here---> Subtraction Story

This is a bottle smashing subtraction game....Start off by setting up how many bottles you want, then cut the rope to smash some and take them away, see how many you have left!
Click here---> Bottle subtraction

'Tell a T-Rex' Dinosaur phonics game

Here is the game we have been playing in literacy this week. We practised level one in class, but you could have a go at the other levels if you wanted something trickier....

Have fun!!!-----> Tell a T-Tex

Golden children 24th November

Bobby: Bobby is such a fantastic member of FS2 he really tries hard to always do his best and his writing is fantastic! He continually shows the other children the correct way to sit on the mat and line up after playtime.
Ashaz: Ashaz is always ready and willing to join in activities and show how much he is learning. He is making me so proud with his developing confidence to join in more discussions and develop his language.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

What have we been doing today? 23rd November 2011

Alex: I  have been playing in the maths with Jacob H with the numbers.

Ellen: I've been doing a painting with the printers with Myles!

Issy: I've been playing in the writing area with Ellen we were drawing dogs.

Kacey: I have been drawing some animals and I wrote some labels.

Ben: Me and Rose and Issy were playing in the playdough, we were playing dinnerladies!

Edward: I have been playing in the blocks with Tamara and we built a fire engine!!

Jacob: I've been playing in the blocks with Myles and we built a castle.

Tarja: I played in the dough with Thomas.

Ashaz and Jacob G: We played in the dough we were baking.

Monday, 21 November 2011

What are we doing this week? Week beginning 21st Nov

Literacy: Be using our phonics to segment and spell cvc words by choosing an object from the magic box, sounding it out to hear the three sounds, using phonic mats to help them write the sounds to spell the word. They will then be checking each others spelling to encourage peer assessment.

Maths: Be turning over numbers and recognising what they are before running to the beanbag basket to count out that many into their own baskets. They will be then bringing them back to the table and each child will count them for the rest of the group to check.

Topic: Be developing physical skills and movement through the use of the 'sco gym' apparatus and an obstacle course. They will be using a range of skills to balance, climb under and over, through hoops, walk along stilts etc. They will move safely and be encourage to describe the movement they are doing.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Golden Children 17th November 2011

Ben: Ben is a happy and mature member of the class with a cheeky sense of humour and respect for adults and other children.

Shannon: Shannon is always keen to please and show off her super work and ideas to the class. She is always on task and getting on with the right thing.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic!!

FS2 really enjoyed their teddy bear picnic treat on Friday afternoon!! Well done for filling up our 'reward' cube tub....lets see how quickly we can fill it up again!!

Positional Language games!

We will be practising our positional language in class this some games to help your knowledge here....

Place the objects in the correct place (You will need your sound on)---> positional language

Some words to help you learn about position on this game---> positional words

What are we doing next week? 14th November

Literacy: Be using our phonics to think about words that begin with a specific sound and identifying initial sounds in words. Children will be practising writing their sounds and then using a cvc template with a picture, sounding out the words and writing them onto the template, checking each others work.

Maths: Be developing understanding and vocab involved in positional language. They will be using dinosaurs as a theme to follow and direct positional language and also having a go at an obstacle course to develop use of positional language.

Topic: Be experimenting with colour mixing and observing the outcome. They will mix combinations of the three primary colours and experiment with different amounts of each colour to see the effect is has. They will also be mixing in black and white to see what happens. It will be led by the children.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Remembrance Day

Don't forget your poppies tomorrow, we will be having 2 minutes silence at 11.00.

Interesting fact.....Tomorrow it will be the 11/11/11!! and at 11 minutes past 11 it will be all the 11's!!

Maths game: from maths this week!

This is the 'find the missing number game' we were playing in maths this week. Can you discuss HOW you know it is that number?

Have a go here---> Missing Number

Golden children 10th November 2011

Rose B: Rose is a cheery and polite member of FS2 with a great attitude to learning and respect for her friends and teachers.

Freddie: Freddie is mature and thoughtful, he has lots of friends as he is such a likeable little boy and is always sensible when getting busy.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

What have we been doing today in class?!

Kayne: I have played in the playdough with Bobby making buns!

Ellen: I was maming triangles and other shapes in the maths with Izzy.

Jacob H: I have been playing in the rocket area with Dylan. I was pretending to be a spaceman!

Ben: I was playing out with Rose D, it made me stiff!

Edward: I have been playng in the maths with Kayden we were building a rocket ship.

Freya: Me, Emily and Rose were playing in the water. We played with the ducks!

Rose B: I played in the playdough with Maddison and Karis and Freya. We made cakes and buns!

Rose D: I was playing horses and dogs with Ben and Liam.

Ashaz: I played in the sand with Freddie.

Liam: Me, Ben, Bobby, Rose, Ben and Issy made a dragon castle in the construction.

Freddie: I played in the sand with Dylan andplayed Ben 10.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Our very exciting new Spaceship role play area!!!

After a week of changing our role play area into a fantastic space and spaceship theme, we couldn't wait to get in there to play on Friday!!! We were all very excited!
Our super area ready for all the space boys and girls!

Follow the footprints to the rocket!

Ready for take off!!

Glow in the dark writing in our tardis!

Having a go at the challenge... Can you build a spaceship?

Space log books...

Argh, FS2 have alien invaders!!

Moon rocks and moon dust....

These space books are really interesting!

5 little men in a flying saucer....

How can I make the top of the rocket?

More glow in the dark writing!

Wow look at this!!!

Ordering the numbers on the tardis.

Ready for super writers!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Golden Children 3rd November 2011

Kayne: Kayne has shown real determination to prove himself with positive behaviour and attitude to his learning in class.
Karis: Karis is slowly coming out of her shell and is keen to join in with all the activities in class and share her ideas. She is always fantastically behaved and I can trust her to be doing the right thing

Learning logs!!

Another fantastic set of learning logs which were such a pleasure to mark!! Here are just a few!!