Thursday, 7 July 2011

What have we been doing in class today?

Emily: I played with Rhianna in the sand making sandcastles and playing mums and dads!

Poppy: I played with TIlly in the dough, we made a pineapple.

Leah: I painted a picture of a caterpillar and a butterfly!

Kimi: I played outside with Kiera.

Grace: I played with Kimi and Tia in the writing area, we were writing about the lifecycle of the butterfly.

Ben: I played outside on our stage playing assemblies.

Tayjus: I played in the water with Leah, Teegan and Jacey. I was playing water moving boats.

Jodie: I played in the dough with Layton. I made me in bed with a TV!!

Jack S: I played in the safari area with Connor and Finley we found tarantulas, flies,a snake and two tigers.

Olivia: I played shops in the dough with Grace. We made some cakes.

Danny: I made masks with Poppy and Tilly in the model making. I made a Koala!

Tiyah: I played waitresses with Megan, Connor, Taylegh and Jacey in the construction area.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Our Minibeast Hunt!!

FS2 really enjoyed going on our minibeast hunt and found lots of creatures!

Learning intentions: Week beginning 4th July

Maths: Be using butterflies to make symmetrical pictures, linking to our topic of mini beasts. They will have a butterfly outline and be choosing ways of making it symmetrical using different shapes and colours. This will also be fed into paintings.

Literacy: Be reading 'Pass the Jam Jim' and thinking about rhyming and alliteration. They will also be introduced to a verb being a 'doing' word. They will be thinking about a birthday party and making alliteration using different foods e.g pass the sandwich Sally.

Topic: Be thinking about our caterpillars and observing how they grow and change, thinking about the lifecycle of their growth. We will be drawing, labelling and writing sentences to describe each sentence and what has happened/changed.