Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Firefighters came to FS2!

Today we were very excited as we had a  visit from the firefighters at Stanks Fire Station. They brought their fire engine along too! They put on the flashing blue lights for us and turned on the siren. It was loud!

We had a list of questions to ask them. We wanted to ask;

How do they rescue people from water?
How long is the ladder?
How do they rescue cats stuck in trees?
What tools do they use?
Do they help people who are stuck inside houses?
How does the hose work?

Here are the photo's of the firefighters showing us their equipment.

Our Visit from the Fire Service on PhotoPeach

The firefighters let all of us have a turn at using the hose ourselves. It was great fun. We also sat inside the fire engine to see what it was like inside.

FS2 using the Firefighters equipment! on PhotoPeach


  1. Wow! You had a super time! We have had some firefighters visiting Highbank before. Maybe next time we will put it on our blog!

  2. Wow! It looks like you all had a fantastic afternoon with the firefighters. Did the fire engine seem HUGE when it was in your playground? Was the hose difficult to hold? How loud was the siren?