Sunday, 17 June 2012

Number bonds to 10!!

Next week in maths and also for your learning logs this week, we are practising our number bonds to 10!!

Here are some games you can practise to help you learn and remember your number bonds to 10.

Save the Whale---> Save_the_whale

Hit two beavers on the head that add up to 10---> Beavers

This is a two player game, one player hits the 'z' key if the ghosts make 10, and the other presses 'm'. You need to adjust the total to 10 when you start---> Ghostblasters

Find the pairs of aliens that make 10---> Alien number bonds

Make the number bonds to 10 by matching the halves of ladybirds---> Ladybirds to 10

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  1. Hi Miss Morris & FS2,

    We like the look of some of these games. We think we might put them on our blog too.

    One of our favourite maths games is from UK. We like the dragon on the game.

    From Prep & Miss P