Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Minibeast games!

As we are all having so much fun learning about minibeasts and going on our minibeast hunt this week, I thought I'd put you some minibeast games to play!

Here you can make your own minibeast, choose your background and then add the different body parts you would like! ---> Make_Your_Own_Minibeast

Order the caterpillars in number order, you can choose which numbers you want to use---> Caterpillar_Slider

Order the lifecycle of the butterfly here---> Butterfly_Lifecycle


  1. Hi Miss Morris & FS2,

    We designed our own minibeasts too. We had lots of crazy ones.

    What are your favourite minibeasts? We liked learning about ladybugs, spiders and butterfiles.

    From Preps & Miss P

  2. i like your comment about the minibeasts what i found in my tub a worm and a woodlouses and a beetle love from edward