Thursday, 26 April 2012

The parts of a plant and their jobs!!

We have been learning all about the different parts of plants this week and discussing what we think the job is of each part, and trying to write sentences to describe each job... Can you rememeber the main parts that are labelled on this flower?

What two main jobs do the roots have?

Why does the flower look so pretty?

See if you can think of a sentence to describe each part!!


  1. Hello FS2

    What a great start to your term. You are very busy!
    Here is a link to an interactive website that Room 4 enjoy. You can grow a plant, label it and take a quiz at the end:

    Have fun with your learning!
    Ms van der Spuy - Broadlands School(NZ)

  2. Thankyou very much!!! We'll look forward to playing it next week!!

    Hope you are all enjoying yourselves too, will keep checking in!

    Miss Morris x