Monday, 2 April 2012

Easter activities!!

We had lots of fun last week with our Easter celebrations in class!! Lots of fun and learning through all the areas of provision and a range of activities...

Jesus' tomb

Making Easter baskets

Playdough Easter baskets complete with eggs!

Independent model making Easter baskets

Another tomb!!

A fantastic independent Easter basket!

More super Easter baskets...

Making the stuffing!

Developing cutting skills....

Another super Easter basket made from playdough!

An interactive Easter story complete with animations!

Jesus on the cross...

and again....

adding the animation to the picture....

part of the story...

proud of their completed story!!!

Easter cards...writing for a purpose

More fantastic Easter stories!!!!

Which animation shall we have for this page?

Adding on some more detail!


  1. Creative Easter decorations! They look fun and unique!

  2. This is absolutely adorable. I wish we had smart-boards back when I was in elementary, it looks like so much fun to draw on there!

  3. owww how cute and fantastic easter egg basket making and love jesus on the cross by jakeup wow i couldnt make that not even if i tried lol keep up the work and i rember when i was in that class it was fun and we did a lot of learing