Wednesday, 14 March 2012

What have we been doing today? Wednesday 14th March

Tamara: "I played in the maths area making a house with the polydron for the little pigs!"

Edward: "I've been playing with Kayden we made a ramp in the construction If you fall in the water the crocodiles will eat you. I had a remote to turn them into goodies or badies."

Ellen: "I've been playing in the maths area trying to make a football with the polydron. I played classopoly with Rose D with the dice."

Kayden: "Ive been playing with Alex and Thomas we were reading the Charlie and Lola book and I said the word and they filled in the paper (book reviews)."

Jacob G: " I've bene playing with Thomas and Edward making a house with the polydron for the three little pigs."

Kacey: " I've been playing in the model making and I have made a hello kitty watch."

Ben: "I was playing in the water with Liam and Jake, we were making a lemonade stand."

Freddie: "I've bene playing in the sand with Dylan with Jacob, we needed to knock the volcano down'"

Issy: "I've been playing in the sand with Ellen, we built a castle."

Ashaz: "I played with the dinosaurs!"

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  1. I wish I was in FS2, it sounds like you have lots of fun and get to do lots of interesting things!
    Myles Mum