Sunday, 30 January 2011

Golden Children 28th January 2011

Emily: A true golden girl in every sense of the word. Kind, polite, well behaved, motivated, friendly and helpful. A star!
Zofia: Zofia brings lots of qualities to the class, she is happy and fun, friendly and plays with everyone.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

What have we been doing today? Tuesday 18th January

Harrison: "I've been in the construction building a mini school. I made it with blocks!"

Tilly: "I painted a picture of my mummy."

Danny: "I played in the maths area with Jack. We were playing with the cubes."

Layton: " I painted a picture of a s and a swirl and then at the end an 8."

Leah: "I played outside with Tia, we played a number game."

Nathan: "I made a spaceship and I put some sparkles to make it go."

Tayleigh: "I played with Leah in the playdough. I made a snowman."
Grace: "I made a farm in the wet sand."

Friday, 14 January 2011

Golden Children 14th January 2011

Daniella: Super attitude and a lovely girl to be around, both her peers and adults in the class enjoy working with her.

Tayleigh: Tayleigh is positive, motivated and commited to try hard and learn, always giving 100%!!

Well done girls, keep being golden!!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

People Who Help Us: Our New Topic!

Tia says: "Teachers help us. They help us learn".

Tilly: "Firefighter's help us get out of the house when our house is on fire!!

Jack L: "People officers help us if somebody robs a bank". Harrison also said "Find people who have done something wrong".

Emily: "Firefighters help us get safe in a fire."

Jack S: "Doctors help us get better when we are poorly."

Leah: "Nurses help us feel better."

Tayjus: "Shredder truck workers help get rid of trees when we don't want them."

Harrison: "Vets help our pets get better."

Nathan: "Firefighters help pets climb down from trees".