Sunday, 31 March 2013


Lenny has been busy this morning, hunting for eggs at Mrs Cameron's house. 

Have a lovely Easter and don't eat too many chocolate eggs all at once.

Please write a comment below to tell us about your Easter Sunday.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

This week we have been thinking about Easter. 

Here are some Easter games for you to enjoy.

Play the Easter Egg hop here  HERE

Play the Easter Egg pairs game HERE

Play the Easter Egg hunt game HERE

If you want to see how a boy called Toby celebrates Easter, watch this Cbeebies video HERE

You can read the Easter story again HERE

Enjoy the games and activities and please type a comment to let us know which you preferred. 

Have a lovely Easter!!!

Mrs Cameron & Miss Kitchen

Monday, 25 March 2013

Last week in Maths we were learning about money, especially the coins we use to buy things.

We looked closely at the different coins and talked about them. We then did lots of activities in class about coins and money. These activities helped us remember the different value of the coins and understand how using different coins can make the same amount.

Our main activity was to play shops. We had to think carefully to decide which coins we would need to buy things in our shop.

Have a look at our photo's

Using Money in Maths on PhotoPeach

Can you remember all the different coins we use in our country? Please type a comment below when you have thought of them.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Some Games for the weekend

Here are some games for you too play if it's too cold to play out this weekend. Hope you enjoy them. Leave a comment at the bottom to let us know which game you liked and why.

Pay for shopping in this Maths game. This is just like the game of shops we played in class this week.

Pick up the scanner, scan your item to see the price and then choose the coins you need to match the price.

Use your phonics to make words in this game.

Choose a sound to work on, then click it. Click the snail and listen to the word. Choose the correct sounds in order to make that word.

Practice reading tricky words in this game.

Choose the words on block 1, 2 or 3. Listen to the word and choose the egg that matches it.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

We have a new member of FS2!

A couple of weeks ago new member joined our class. He is Lenny the Lion and he has come all the way from Kenya.

We knew he was coming when we received a letter from him. It explained that he was coming to England and wanted to come and stay with us when he arrived. That week we thought about how we could welcome him, and what he would need to know about our class. We wrote some brilliant letters to him, explaining how we would help him settle in when he arrived.

Now he's been here a couple of weeks, he has got to know a lot of us really well. He goes home with someone different from FS2 each night. We get to know all about what he gets up to because we write all about it in his diary. He has had some brilliant adventures.

Lenny on PhotoPeach

Please leave a comment below and tell us what Lenny did when he came to stay at your house.

Comic Relief 2013

Friday 15th March was Red Nose Day.

Lots of us bought The new Comic Relief Red Noses earlier in the week. On Friday we wore them to school along with our red clothes and donated a £1 to Comic Relief. 

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Adding Up using Numicon

This week in Maths we have been practising our adding skills. We put 2 different numbers together and then counted to see how many we had altogether. We enjoyed using Numicon to help us. Have a look at our super learning in our photo's.

Numicon Addition on PhotoPeach

Sunday, 10 March 2013

World Book Day 2013

Thursday the 7th March was World Book Day.

Our theme for FS2 was Fairy Stories/Traditional Tales. We really enjoyed it and many of us came to school dressed as characters from a Fairy Story or a Traditional Tale including the adults. Mrs Cameron was Red Riding Hood, Miss Kitchen was Goldilocks (we made sure we warned the Three Bears in FS1 about her!) Mrs Frisby was the lady who cooked the Gingerbread Man and Miss Clarke was Puss in Boots.

We focused on Little Red Riding Hood in FS2. We listened to the traditional tale and even read a version of the story that was written by the wolf. We decided, we didn't believe him when he said he was friendly and Grandma fell into the wardrobe by accident. In class we made our own books, writing our favourite part of the story. We designed bookmarks, acted out the story, put on puppet shows, wrote book reviews for our favourite fairy tales and built Grandma's cottage in the construction.

Jake's Grandad and Regan's Dad came into class to read to us for our 'lads and dads' session. The boys who joined in listening to their stories, really enjoyed this. 

World Book Day on PhotoPeach

The children dressed up as characters from Fairy Stories or Traditional Tales for the day. They looked fantastic. Thank you to all the parents who got involved by putting the children in brilliant costumes. Have a look at our photo's, can you guess who we are?

Our World Book Day Costumes on PhotoPeach

Thursday, 7 March 2013

World Maths Day

Yesterday was World Maths Day. The day started with Miss Morris explaining all about World Maths Day. We found out children all around the world will be playing Maths games online at the same time.

In class we got busy with lots of Maths activities.
We had...
to make Beebot move around the mat by counting the spaces and counting as we pressed his button. We had to make sure he moved the correct number of spaces to get where we wanted him to go.
to play a shape game. We rolled the dice that had different shapes on each side and then put a counter on our board for the matching shape.
to count how many blocks we used in our construction.
to order numbers in the sand.
to add up the numbers on the bottom of the ducks, in the water.
to catch the correct number of fish on the computer game.

Have a look at our photo's

World Maths Day on PhotoPeach