Thursday, 7 March 2013

World Maths Day

Yesterday was World Maths Day. The day started with Miss Morris explaining all about World Maths Day. We found out children all around the world will be playing Maths games online at the same time.

In class we got busy with lots of Maths activities.
We had...
to make Beebot move around the mat by counting the spaces and counting as we pressed his button. We had to make sure he moved the correct number of spaces to get where we wanted him to go.
to play a shape game. We rolled the dice that had different shapes on each side and then put a counter on our board for the matching shape.
to count how many blocks we used in our construction.
to order numbers in the sand.
to add up the numbers on the bottom of the ducks, in the water.
to catch the correct number of fish on the computer game.

Have a look at our photo's

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed world maths day FS2!!! You had lots of fun activities in your classroom!!!