Friday, 22 March 2013

Some Games for the weekend

Here are some games for you too play if it's too cold to play out this weekend. Hope you enjoy them. Leave a comment at the bottom to let us know which game you liked and why.

Pay for shopping in this Maths game. This is just like the game of shops we played in class this week.

Pick up the scanner, scan your item to see the price and then choose the coins you need to match the price.

Use your phonics to make words in this game.

Choose a sound to work on, then click it. Click the snail and listen to the word. Choose the correct sounds in order to make that word.

Practice reading tricky words in this game.

Choose the words on block 1, 2 or 3. Listen to the word and choose the egg that matches it.


  1. Have any of you had a go at the games yet? Which is the most tricky? Which one do you like best?

    Mrs Cameron

  2. I like the shopping one best because I like to pay and I like coins. The other games are fun too!!