Sunday, 17 March 2013

We have a new member of FS2!

A couple of weeks ago new member joined our class. He is Lenny the Lion and he has come all the way from Kenya.

We knew he was coming when we received a letter from him. It explained that he was coming to England and wanted to come and stay with us when he arrived. That week we thought about how we could welcome him, and what he would need to know about our class. We wrote some brilliant letters to him, explaining how we would help him settle in when he arrived.

Now he's been here a couple of weeks, he has got to know a lot of us really well. He goes home with someone different from FS2 each night. We get to know all about what he gets up to because we write all about it in his diary. He has had some brilliant adventures.

Lenny on PhotoPeach

Please leave a comment below and tell us what Lenny did when he came to stay at your house.


  1. When Lenny came to my house we had tea with Grandma and went to my swimming lesson.

  2. Do all the children in class get to bring Lenny home?
    Lewis' mum

  3. They will do, yes. He takes it in turns, going home with someone different each time.
    Mrs C

  4. That's great Lewis was asking when it was his turn. I think he is already making plans. Lenny already has a bed for when he comes to stay :-)