Sunday, 31 March 2013


Lenny has been busy this morning, hunting for eggs at Mrs Cameron's house. 

Have a lovely Easter and don't eat too many chocolate eggs all at once.

Please write a comment below to tell us about your Easter Sunday.


  1. Lewis ate an Easter egg after breakfast with his brother Ellis and made quite a lot of mess. Then we all watched Disneys Brave before going out for Easter dinner with daddy's twin brother. After dinner we came home and watched Pinocchio. Then before bedtime Lewis did lots of drawings. He is getting quite creative. We may need to consider art club as well as karate. Hope everyone had a lovely Easter.

  2. WOW Lewis what a busy day you had. We would love to see your drawings after the holidays, bring one in to school to show us :-

  3. elizabeth - I did lots of Easter egg hunts and I read lots of clues.