Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Hello Quad Blogging Buddies!

Welcome to FS2 class blog. 
Here is a photograph of us all. 
We are in FS2 class at Fieldhead Carr Primary School, Leeds.

We hope you like our blog and we look forward to finding out all about you, on your blogs.


  1. We counted 28 children in your class.

    We have 29 in our class.

    We hope you are having a great day at school.

    Junior Infants in Ireland

    1. We do P.E on Friday. We wear shorts and a white t shirt for our P.E. lessons.
      We don't wear ties. Nieve asked, 'Do you wear ties?'
      Tilly asked, 'What colour uniforms do you wear?'
      Regan said, 'Do you have a badge? What is it like?
      Yashvi asked, 'What toys do you have to get busy with in your class?'
      We hope you have a nice day tomorrow.
      From FS2

  2. We actually have 30 children in FS2 but 2 children are not on the photograph.

  3. Your uniform is different from ours.

    Josh likes the colour purple.

    Toby noticed you have a different badge on your jumper.

    Danny said "you don't have to wear ties".

    Sophie asked, "Is it your PE. day?"

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  5. A BIG hello from Reception Class at St Bart's. We are really looking forward to finding out more about all the exciting learning that happens in your class. We really like you purple uniforms. We are going to think of some questions to ask you and we will post them on our blog this week if that's okay. We are so excited about blogging with you all,

    Miss Macdonald and Reception Class St Bart's

  6. We all put our thumbs up when we saw your photo! We love your blog. Our teachers are learning how to make our blog better and say thank you for the inspiration!

    Highbank Nursery and FS staff.