Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Junior Infants Dice Game

Today we enjoyed playing the dice we game that we had seen on our Quadblogging buddy 'Junior Infants' blog. We threw the dice to see which number we needed to put a cube on.

Our Quadblogging buddy's dice game. on PhotoPeach


  1. We are so happy you played our game.

    Aimée: We like your big dice. I want Miss Lynch to get us one.

    Katy: We should trying playing it with cubes too, we used counters last time.

    Ethan: We only have small dice in our room. Do you have small dice?

  2. Some more children played it again today. They used a small dice and counters too. Tomorrow we might use little teddies instead of using counters or cubes.

    Thank you for sharing the game with us.