Tuesday, 11 January 2011

People Who Help Us: Our New Topic!

Tia says: "Teachers help us. They help us learn".

Tilly: "Firefighter's help us get out of the house when our house is on fire!!

Jack L: "People officers help us if somebody robs a bank". Harrison also said "Find people who have done something wrong".

Emily: "Firefighters help us get safe in a fire."

Jack S: "Doctors help us get better when we are poorly."

Leah: "Nurses help us feel better."

Tayjus: "Shredder truck workers help get rid of trees when we don't want them."

Harrison: "Vets help our pets get better."

Nathan: "Firefighters help pets climb down from trees".


  1. The doctors help us feel better ! and the police arrest robbers.

  2. Thanks Kimi you're right they do!! I hope a police officer can come visit us in class and tell us about their job!