Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Magic Painting!!

This week we have been doing some 'magic paintings' using a special mix of self-raising flour, salt and food colouring. After we had painted our picture we microwaved it for roughly 30 seconds and were fascinated with the results!! 3D pictures!! Great fun and lots of great ideas, we've been really enjoying this activity!!

(Idea taken from via pinterest)

Preparing the painting...

Carefully adding detail...

In the microwave...

Wow it's risen and has texture!

Ready for the microwave to work its magic!

Pleased with the results!

Setting the microwave

Super texture to your flower!

Excited to see the magic...


More 3D texture...

Thinking hard about what to paint...

Beautiful 3D flower...

All ready to go!

Very happy with the results!

Waiting eagerly...


Keen to see what can happen to their paintings!

Sloppy mixture to paint with!

Off we go!

Excitedly watching!


Lots of ideas...

Dabbing on the mixture...

A textured tree!!


  1. I have never seen anything quite like this before. You have found another fun way of making art. Beautiful work FS2 and a fab find Miss Morris!

    1. ASlex (freyas big brother)3 June 2012 at 18:56

      I agree mrs warner it is an uncommon way of art.

    2. Alex ( freyas big brother)3 June 2012 at 19:20

      I agree with you mrs warner that is an unusual way of art.