Monday, 7 May 2012

Hello Quadbloggers!!!!!!!

Hi to our 3 Quadblogging buddies !!
We are very excited to be the focus blog this week!!! We have had May Bank holiday today and are back in school tomorrow so we'll keep you updated on our activities this week as we go along!!


  1. Hello FS2!
    It is nearly hometime for us in Melbourne and we wanted to say hello! We will be trying to visit your blog at home and write a comment with our parents.

    Your welcome poster is very cute because the puppies are cute. Matthew

    I like your welcome poster. Ben

    We are learning about the letter 'p' at school so we like your puppy poster. Aly

    How many girls and how many boys are in your class? Mia

    We will visiting again tomorrow. Have a very happy day!

    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

  2. Hello FS2
    My name is Nicholas and I am in Prep K at St Lukes.
    Your blog is awesome! I loved the Jack and the Bean Stalk story.
    Here in Melbourne it is Autumn and the weather today was very sunny.
    I would like to know, what the weather is like there at the moment?
    Have a great day
    From Nicholas in Australia.

  3. I like your puppy poster and so does everyone in my class!
    Aly- Prep K

  4. Hello FS2

    I just want to know will be any Olympic games in Leeds?

    Mia from Prep K

  5. The children in FS2 love puppies and dogs too!!

    Nicholas in Australia: The weather here has been sunny with a few showers although it's supposed to rain the rest of the week!

    Mia from Prep K: In our class there are 15 boys and 15 girls!!How many are in your class? We're not sure about the Olympic games but we will try find out and let you know!

    From Miss Morris and FS2, Leeds, England

  6. Dear Miss Morris and FS2,

    Thank you for your answers. We have 7 boys and 6 girls in our class. We are a very small Prep grade.

    We would love to hear about the Olympics.

    We noticed that you are fast asleep in bed now and we have just started our school day.

    Have a great day,

    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

  7. Hi FS2,

    We are a prep class from Queenscliff in Victoria, Australia.

    It's nearly home time for us too. We are all packed up and ready to go.

    We have just looked at your blog.

    Max B is looking forward to going on your blog to write comments.

    Xavier thought your writing of your names was very good.

    We can't believe you have 15 boys and 15 girls. There are only 15 children in our class! We have 11 boys and 4 girls.

    Freya thought the picture was very cute because she liked the puppies and their cute little faces.

    From Prep and Miss P

  8. Hi FS2,
    I like your doggie poster because it is cute.
    We are learning about the letter P.

    From Hannah B one of the Prep K's.

  9. Hello FS2,
    We hope that your seeds turn into beanstalks and make sure it has lots of sun and water.
    We are sending this to you in England from Australia,

    From Zachary from Prep K (Mrs Kennedys class)

  10. Hello from Zachary of Prep K (again),
    We hope that you are going to keep your rabbits safe and look after them.
    What season is it in Leeds? It is Autumn here. When its a windy day and the rain comes down its not fun because we can't play outside.
    Have a lovely week,

    Zachary (prep K/Mrs Kennedys class)

  11. Hi FS2,

    This is Annie and my Dad Sam. I am in Prep K in Melbourne.

    I like your perfect puppy poster a lot and your magic bean stalk

  12. I love the puppies, they are so cute from Hamish at St Lukes, prep K