Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Our magic beans!!!!

We are enjoing to story of Jack and the bean stalk this week and have got our own magic beans in class... we have been using our imagination to think what our magic beans could grow into!!

We came up with all sorts of ideas from a Ben Ten world (Jacob H), to strawberry fields (Shannon), a King's palace (Alex) and many more!!

Here we are using the story to lead our play....

What could these magic beans grow into?

Use our imagination...

Playdough beanstalks!!

More playdough beanstalks!!

Jack and the Giant! Fee Fi Fo Fum!!

What's at the top of your beanstalk?

Gold coins for the cow....

That's a great beanstalk! It's really standing up!

Using the polydron to make sunflowers.

The start of what ended up being a huge beanstalk!!

Lovely flowers!

Measuring our beanstalks...we got this idea from one of our quadblogging buddies!

Lots of measuring going on here!

Whose is the longest?

Wow getting longer!!

Well that's ended up being a complicated beanstalk!!!!


  1. Hello FS2

    Your beanstalks look good. Bethany

    I wonder what will be at the top of your beanstalks? I would like Princess World at the top of the beanstalk. Aly

    Are you going to plant your beans? Ben

    I would like to know what you learnt about beans. Hannah A

    I like your beanstalk and the video. Annie

    I would like to see Rainbow Kingdom at the top of the beanstalk. Kobe

    At the top of the beanstalk I want it to be Lolly Land! Hamish

    From your friends Prep K

  2. Dear FS2,

    WOW! We wish we were in your class for this activity.

    Nicholas liked the complicated beanstalk. We read a book today and it looked like the plant in the book.

    Tess thought it was a good idea to use the paperclips.

    Max thought the longest beanstalk was the coolest!

    It's our hometime now. We will come back tomorrow to see what you've done.

    From Prep and Miss P

  3. Hannah A Learning Together9 May 2012 at 09:29

    Hello FS2,
    I like your beanstalks very much, are you going to grow any beans? from hannah.a (learning together)

  4. Dear FS2,

    We like your beanstalks. What are you going to grow on top?

    Bethany and her Dad

  5. We planted some beans last week into jam jars so we are waiting to see them start growing!!

    We will put some photos on when they start to grow!!

  6. Jasmine in Barlow Hall Primary10 May 2012 at 11:13

    That big playdough beanstalk is fantastic!

  7. I think being able to measure your beanstalk is a fabulous idea. Using playdough is great fun! Tom P