Saturday, 19 May 2012

Paint Bag Writing!!

We have tried a new activity on our phonics challenge table this week, paint bag writing!! We are using it to try and read unfamiliar words and then write them onto the paint bag using cotton wool buds, it's a different and fun way of practising our writing!

I got the idea from this blog via pinterest.

The children have had lots of fun and hopefully if we get some nice weather we can put a few bags outside!


  1. This was fun and squidgy. I liked the yellow paint. Shannon

  2. This looks like a great way to use paint but without the need to wash hands. It looks like fun FS2.
    Did you enjoy using the paint bags?

  3. Hi FS2,

    I love this activity - I used to do this at the school I taught at last year. The children loved it. Thanks for reminding me. I'll be doing this with my students tomorrow. They will love it!

    From Miss P
    St Aloysius