Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Our Garden Centre Role Play Area!!

To link to our growing topic, we have transformed our role play area into a very exciting garden centre! We have been exploring seeds, gardening tools and practising paying for different items. So far it's been very popular and lots of fun!! Here a few pics of us in action...

Ready to dig!

The cashier hard at work!

Lots of garden tools here!!

Super gardeners!

Hmmm how much does this cost altogether?

Trowel at the ready!

Don't forget to pay!

Challenge area: Label the gardening objects...

That's my garden shopping done!

A busy till, lots to buy!

The garden centre cafe is busy too!!

What a pretty flower!

Pondering what to buy...

Planting some seeds from the garden centre outside...

Make sure it goes in the right way up!

Spade at the ready!

What else do I need to help me plant?

More happy garden shoppers!

Don't forget your change!!

Digging and wheelbarrowing!

Have you got everything you need?!


  1. What super gardeners, who wants a job sorting my front garden out? Budding Alan Titchmarch in the making I think.

  2. Deema and Kyan from barlow hall primary school10 May 2012 at 11:17

    We love the garden centre. We went to a real garden centre on a trip. Have a look at our pictures of it on our blog.

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  5. looks like you have all been having lots of fun! thank you for sharing...I hope my class have as much fun in their Garden Centre