Thursday, 7 July 2011

What have we been doing in class today?

Emily: I played with Rhianna in the sand making sandcastles and playing mums and dads!

Poppy: I played with TIlly in the dough, we made a pineapple.

Leah: I painted a picture of a caterpillar and a butterfly!

Kimi: I played outside with Kiera.

Grace: I played with Kimi and Tia in the writing area, we were writing about the lifecycle of the butterfly.

Ben: I played outside on our stage playing assemblies.

Tayjus: I played in the water with Leah, Teegan and Jacey. I was playing water moving boats.

Jodie: I played in the dough with Layton. I made me in bed with a TV!!

Jack S: I played in the safari area with Connor and Finley we found tarantulas, flies,a snake and two tigers.

Olivia: I played shops in the dough with Grace. We made some cakes.

Danny: I made masks with Poppy and Tilly in the model making. I made a Koala!

Tiyah: I played waitresses with Megan, Connor, Taylegh and Jacey in the construction area.

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