Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Learning intentions week beginning 28th Feb

Literacy: Be working in our new pirate role play area. The ch will be developing their speaking and listening and imaginative role play. They will be interacting and negotiating with each other, taking on different roles and writing for a purpose in the form of treasure maps, and other themed writing.

Maths: Be guessing how many objects are in their tin and then counting them before having a go at working out how far away they were with their guess. They will also be combining two tins to work out how many altogether and having a go at writing the add sum.

Topic: Be thinking about our new topic 'materials'. We will be using the term 'properties'. They will be exploring a range of different materials thinking about what they feel like, look like and are made out of and WHY these materials are used for the things they are. They will be comparing them and thinking about why some are more suitable than others.

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