Sunday, 27 March 2011

Learning intenetions: Week beginning 28th March 2011

Literacy: Be looking at the Easter story and understand why we recognise Easter within the Christian culture. We will be enjoying the story and creating our own versions on the '2create a story' software on the IWB. Also looking at the traditions we have to celebrate Easter such as Easter bunny/Easter eggs/chickens etc.

Maths: Be practising their taking away skills within practical situations. The ch will each have a puppet who is going shopping and will put 'x' pieces of food into their basket. Their puppet will then eat 'y' pieces and they will have to work out how many are left.

Topic: Be making mothers day cards by designing the front using a range of collage materials into a flower. They will be thinking about he feature of the flower and how best to make those features look effective using the available materials. Also scribing the insides of their cards.

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