Monday, 14 March 2011

What have we been up to today?! Monday 14th March....

Nathan: "I have done 3 paintings, one was space!"

Grace: "I made a back pack in the model making! I used string to carry it!"

Connor: "I did a painting of power rangers!"

Leah: "I made a guitar in the model making, I used two boxes and elastic boxes."

Danny: "I played frogs with Lilly and Jack and Olivia. We made a frog pool and a bath."

Rhianna: "At school I made a guitar in the model making with Leah!"

Tayjus: "I did some hard work in the writing area and it was the lifecycle of the frog."

Harrison: "I played outside with Connor and we made some lego ice cream blasters."

Zofia: "I did in the dough some tadpoles and some frogs."

Tiyah: "I made a storybook about faries."

Jodie: "I made a secret box in the model making, there was shiny coins inside."

Jack S: "I played with the crab glove in the pirates."

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