Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Learning intentions: week beginning 21st March

LITERACY: Be thinking about the three little pigs from last week and attempting some independent writing about their favourite part. The ch will get a mini book template and using their knowledge from last week be writing a sentence about their favourite part using their phonics to have a go at sounding out the words.

MATHS: Be practising their adding skills in an Easter egg hunt. The ch have to hunt and find 2 eggs and then count out the objects to add them together. They will then put the answer into the correct sorting circle and have a go at writing their add sum on the easel.

TOPIC: Be sorting a range of materials depending on their properties. The ch will choose their own criteria to sort by and discuss what it feels like, what it reminds them of, what it is similar and different to etc. They will be comparing them to things they are familiar with at home etc.

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