Sunday, 13 March 2011

Weekly learning intentions: Week beginning 14th March

Literacy: Be retelling the familiar story 'The three little pigs'. They will be using a range of picture queues, to prompt retelling in the correct sequence, putting them in order and thinking about the repetitive language in the story. This will also be making 3 little pigs houses and acting out with masks.

Maths: Be using the numicon to practise skills of addition. They will be fixing two pieces together to make different number bonds and having a go at writing the sum. We will be linking into practical adding activities such as x number of objects y more will equal?

Topic: Be looking at our frog spawn we have in class from the pond and discussing what it looks like. We will be looking at the life cycle of the frog and putting it in order, writing a caption for one part (Chose by the children). They will look closely at how the frog spawn changes and develops through pictures.

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