Tuesday, 8 November 2011

What have we been doing today in class?!

Kayne: I have played in the playdough with Bobby making buns!

Ellen: I was maming triangles and other shapes in the maths with Izzy.

Jacob H: I have been playing in the rocket area with Dylan. I was pretending to be a spaceman!

Ben: I was playing out with Rose D, it made me stiff!

Edward: I have been playng in the maths with Kayden we were building a rocket ship.

Freya: Me, Emily and Rose were playing in the water. We played with the ducks!

Rose B: I played in the playdough with Maddison and Karis and Freya. We made cakes and buns!

Rose D: I was playing horses and dogs with Ben and Liam.

Ashaz: I played in the sand with Freddie.

Liam: Me, Ben, Bobby, Rose, Ben and Issy made a dragon castle in the construction.

Freddie: I played in the sand with Dylan andplayed Ben 10.

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