Monday, 16 May 2011

Learning intentions: Week beginning 16th May 2011

Literacy: Be looking at a non-fiction text called 'My bean diary'. They will be looking at the features of the text such as contents page and index and using it to find information. This will include looking at how a bean plant grows. They will compare it to last weeks fiction' Jack and the Beanstalk'.

Maths: Be practising taking away by exploring a range of practical situations. Will will have a 'bus' and be talking about x number of people getting off so how many left and our 'magic box' with x number of objects in and taking some away.

Topic: Be recording the life cycle of a sunflower, drawing each stage and writing a caption for them. They will be thinking about what flowers require to grow and what we need to do to look after them. We will also be planting and observing cress growing in different conditions to see the effects.

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