Thursday, 5 May 2011

What have we been up to today? Thurs 6th May 2011

Leah: I have made a bath for Callum in the model making with Rhianna!

Tilly: I made a house with Jacey and Teegan in the construction.

Tayjus: I made a bats cave in the construction with Layton!

Poppy: I made a flower with the dough.

Tia: I have been learning how to skip with Miss Duplex.

Danny: I played in the garden centre with Jack, Olivia, Connor and Daniella.

Nathan: I made a walkie talkie and an Easter flag in the model making.

Zofia: I learnt how to skip with Jodie.

Grace: I went in the garden centre and made some food for Kimi in the cafe.

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