Wednesday, 25 May 2011

What have we been doing today? Wednesday 25th May

Layton: I played 'milkas' in the water outside with Finley.

Emily: I played outside with the babies with Kiera.

Grace: I played i the garden centre with Kimi, Poppy and Tilly. We pretended it was Tillys' birthday.

Nathan: In the model making I made a blower and I counted the things on model and there were 8 things.

Ben: I played in the construction and built a house.

Zofia: I played with the bubbles outside.

Tayjus: I made a pooh bear land outside with Jack L and Olivia using the lego.

Kiera: I played on the tyres with Kimi.

Harrison: I played in the sand with Teegan and Tayjus I made a sandcastle.

Leah: I played in the painting printing and model making, I painted a flower!

Connor: I played with Ben outside, we went on the hoppers.

Jodie: I did some take aways in my purple book.

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