Monday, 2 July 2012

Minibeast symmetry

This week we are using our minibeast topic to practise our symmetry knowledge and observing which minibeasts are symmetrical and why. We are also making some of our own symmetrical minibeasts in the areas when getting busy. Here we are at work today....

A symmetrical butterfly in the model making!

Thinking hard...

Carefully placing things in the correct place....

Symmetrical playdough ladybirds!

Proud of their super ideas!

Making a symmetrical spider!

Using 'Purple Mash' to make symmetrical pictures on the IWB...


That's got lots of legs!!

More enjoying the IWB game...

And on the computer too!!

Super placing of the resources here!!

Hard at work....

hmmmm what else do I need?

Lots of super ideas!

How many spots?

That's an interesting ladybird!!!!

And another!!!

That's a big smile to show off your super work!!

Great teamwork!!

Here is the game we were playing on the IWB and computer on 'Purple Mash' to make the butterfly---> Symmetrical Butterfly

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