Friday, 20 January 2012

What have we been doing this week?

Kayden: I've been making a ramp in the construction with Edward. It was so we didn't fall into the river!

Tiegan: I played in the painting and painted a river for my mummy.

Ellen: I was playing in the construction with all of yellow group. We were making a power ranger world.

Jacob G: I played in the maths playing cards. It was like picture pairs.

Edward: I've been playing in the role play with Kayden we were putting each other in jail.

Tarja: I played with Kayne in the painting printing model making. I did  a painting.

Rose B: I was in the painting with with Kacey and I painted colour pattern for my daddy.

Maddison: I made a cake in the playdough with Emily and Karis!

Dylan: Me and Kayne were playing in the playdough and we were making a batman cave.

Freddie: I played outside with Ellen we played a game called Hull.

Rose D: I painted a picture of a dog wearing glasses.

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  1. lookes like you had fun tarja

    ayisha & morgan