Monday, 29 April 2013

What have we been learning in FS2 today

We've had such a busy day in FS2 today! 
Miss Kitchen asked some of the children at the end of the day about their learning and what they have enjoyed at school today. 

Here is what they said;

Harley: I've enjoyed doing er... fishes. You had to put them on the water and then you stuck them outside the water and then you have to catch them and find out how many there are left.
Elizabeth: I have played with Holly and Meika and have been jumping down, rolling and running down the grass. I have been doing the fishes with Miss Morris. We were putting them in the water and counting out how many were left, onto the board.
Jayden: I have been doing the basketballing. I have been doing some painting, painting numbers and I was painting number eights. I painted two sevens!
Duncan: I have been throwing the ball in the net. I went in the dough and made some thing, I made a cake.
Jake T: I have playing in the car wash. I have been cleaning the scooters. We were spraying them to get them nice and clean and sparkly.
As you can see, the children have enjoyed learning in the outdoor classroom today and have been doing lots of Maths work. Check back later in the week to see what we are learning in Literacy and Topic this week. 

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  1. What a busy day you all had on Monday. Learning outside seems a lot of fun. I wish you could make my car clean and sparkly Jake. What colour did you paint your sevens Jayden? My favourite colour is red. Enjoy the rest of your week FS2. We go back to school on Monday. From Mrs Foster Rata Tahi Papakowhai School NZ