Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Our Glorious FS2 Gardeners!

WOW What a fantastic bunch of gardeners we have in FS2!

In April we planted sunflower seeds in class. We then all took them home to see who could look after their sunflower and help it to grow tall. Well I am so glad to say that the FS2 children are much better gardeners than Mrs Cameron and Miss Kitchen. We didn't do so well! We forgot to water the sunflower seeds we planted. Although they grew at first, because they were so thirsty and didn't get watered, they died!

Have a look at the photo's below of the children's sunflowers. Can you see who has won the competition of growing the tallest sunflower?

Nieve's Sunflower!

Finley's sunflower

Lacey's sunflower

Joshua's Sunflower

Julia's Sunflower

Zoe's Sunflower


  1. How can I send you Lewis' photo?
    Lewis' mum

  2. to my email that i put on the slip i sent home. or print it out. Thanks