Thursday, 8 November 2012

Our Autumn Nature Walk

Today we had a lovely afternoon. We went on a Nature Walk through Skelton Woods. We saw lots of interesting things and thought you would like to see some of our photographs from the walk.

We looked at so many things and tried to take as many photographs as possible.

We are very grateful to the mums who came to help us on the walk.

Lots of children spotted the birds nest high in the tree. Jayden explained why the birds build them so high up, 'so no one can take the eggs.'

Mrs Frisby described this tree as being, 'copper coloured.'

Korby reminded us why we shouldn't touch berries, 'These are poisonous!'

We thought of lots of different reasons why a tree might need cutting down into logs.

We saw so many different coloured leaves. 

Lots of children wanted to feel the bumpy bark of this tree. We decided it must be very old.

Lots of children had not seen holly before. We were careful not to touch the sharp points.


This tree had leaves of every colour!

Can you see the creature in the tree?

Here he is again! We enjoyed watching him jumping through the trees, but we thought he might be scared of us.

Jake found all the different shapes and colours of the leaves, very interesting.

We walked back to school along the path at the side of the road. We were very sensible crossing the road.


  1. Wow ... Such colourful photographs. Looks like you discovered lots of Mother Nature's hidden treasures.

  2. You all look really cute in your winter gear and I hope you had a nice time from Abbie and Hayley