Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Giant African Land Snails in FS2!

This week we have been learning more about minibeasts during our Topic sessions. We looked closely at some minibeasts that aren't very mini!

We borrowed Miss Morris's Giant African Land Snails from Year 2; 'Fizz' and 'Wurly'. We looked closely at them, talked about them and painted pictures of them, mixing our own powder paint colours. We needed to mix many different shades of brown!

Some children wanted to hold the snails to see what they feel like. They felt very wet and slimey! Some children didn't want to hold them themselves but they enjoyed watching the other children hold them. Elizabeth didn't want to hold them at all but after watching all the other children, she felt brave enough to hold them herself. 
Have a look at our photo's 

Giant African Land Snails on PhotoPeach


  1. Fizz and Wurly are quite unusual and perhaps quite scary if you've never seen Giant African Land Snails before. I love snails, especially the giant ones. If you would like to see the parents if Fizz and Whurly, you can follow this address to the Year 4 blog. You will see Moby and Lola, my class pets.

    Mrs Warner.

  2. Hi FS2, you are all very brave and I love the expressions on some of your faces.

  3. Goodness me FS2 you are a brave bunch. What did the snails feel like? Tilly said that it felt as though the snail was sucking her finger. Yuk!