Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Our Sponsored Fun Run!

On Friday FS2 had their annual sponsored event. We had to run around an area of the school field as many times as we could. Mrs Cameron made us a card to get stamped every time we ran a lap. She put us 9 spaces on the card to get stamped but some of us ran so many laps we had to go onto the back of the card to collect extra stamps!! 
We were brilliant and even kept running despite the rain. So many grown-ups came to watch us too. Mrs Cameron, Mrs Frisby and Miss Clarke were very proud of our efforts as were our grown-ups that watched us. The year 6 children who came to support us and help us run enjoyed the fun run too.

Have a look at our photo's from the run

FS2 Fun Run on PhotoPeach

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  1. Well FS2 you all looked like you were having fun doing your running around the field. I missed your faces as I was busy stamping your lap cards. It was lovely to see your smiley faces having fun and some determined faces to carry on running. Well done to all of you.