Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Weighing and balancing games!!

This week in maths we are looking at heavy, light, greater and smaller.
Can you think which of these objects is the heaviest? Why do you think that?

Here are some games to practise the concept of heavy and light...

Balancing game 3 (This is the 'Mr Pips fruit balancing game')


  1. Hello FS2,

    Heavy and light are very interesting ideas to study. In your pictures and balancing games you have been able to see what is heavier and lighter. On the Moon, things can be light or heavy but they don't weigh as much as here.

    A long time ago, astronauts from Apollo 15 did a little experiment. One of them dropped a feather and a hammer at the same time. Even on the Moon, the hammer was heavier than the feather. They wanted to see if the hammer and feather hit the ground at the same time. They did. It only worked because there wasn't any air to hold up the feather longer than the hammer.

    Isn't that strange. Heavy and light things fall at the same speed unless something can hold the light thing up longer. That's caused by gravity and not by how heavy something is.

    If you are allowed to view it, here is a link to a video showing what happened...

    Have fun in maths. Maths and science have always been favourites of mine. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  2. Hello FS2
    We are busy with numbers, but took time to find out which of these objects is the heaviest. We put them in a bucket filled with water and the rock sank, while the feather floated. Conclusion: the rock is heavier!
    Have a fantastic weekend :-)
    Room 4 Broadlands School

  3. The games are fun they help me learn.the rock is heavier because it is thicker