Sunday, 26 February 2012

Popcorn Party!!!!!

We had a very exciting afternoon on Friday in the FS2 classroom, we filled up our popcorn party reward with our fantastic behaviour and attitude in our lessons!

After much anticipation we got our popcorn machine up and working and popped some kernels! Well done FS2 I'm very proud of you, keep it up!!

Eagerly waiting...

Off we pop!!


Thumbs up for our popcorn party!

Having a great time!

mmmm this is yummy!


  1. Wow FS2 that looks like fun! Well done on being good students. We will pop in again soon.
    Have a great week.
    Room 4 @ Broadlands School

  2. that looks yummy. from megan and katie

  3. hello my name is megan i am 8 years old i am from ecton brook school.

  4. Hi my names Ella I go to ecton brook.You must have had a lovley time.

    have a lovly time eating popcorn

  5. Hi my name is Jessica and I am from ecton brook primary school. I saw the pictures of the popcorn party and i thought it was looking awsome. They look scrumpshuss.

  6. my name is massoud

    Hi littel friends what is that your eating?it sure is yummy

    bye littel friends

  7. Hi im abi from ecton brook school yum yum i bet that popcorn is yummmy
    i love your blog

    bye bye

  8. hi i am chloe i am 8 years old and i go to ecton brook i like waht you did

  9. I enjoyed the popcorn party the popcorn tasted yummy.

  10. I like the duck when it pops the popcorn out of it's beak, and I ate my popcorn up.

  11. ellen bobby has had chicken

    pox xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Hello im abbie from ecton brook school that looks yummy

  13. hi my name is tammie im am proud to be quad bloging with you. and that i am happy because i am in england and your in leeds